Our Approach

We’ve explained the Happy Family Store mission elsewhere on this website. In a nutshell, we want to enhance patients’ health and well-being by providing the highest-quality, safest, least-expensive prescription drugs and other medications available anywhere.

To accomplish a mission like that, you need an effective strategy. Here’s ours.

  1. Put patients’ needs ahead of all other concerns, including what’s easiest for us to do and the profit we can make. That means listening carefully and compassionately to every client, understanding their health situation, needs, and goals, and crafting medication plans that let them maximize their health outcomes without incurring unnecessary expense.
  2. Hire the very best people, and ensure that all Happy Family Store physicians, technicians, and staff members are working together toward the same goals, with full communication, honesty, and transparency.
  3. Maximize inventory and availability of all commonly-prescribed medications, so customer orders can be fulfilled without delays or issues. Maintain and find new sources for rare drugs so they can be obtained and delivered with the same expediency.
  4. Offer all products at the lowest possible prices, and provide detailed information for customers on ways they can use promotions, coupons, and other approaches to lower their costs even more.
  5. Ensure equal access by creating and maintaining a modern, user-friendly customer experience equally available to clients in every corner of the world.
  6. Work to ensure that patients enjoy the same support and health outcomes that you would want your family and friends to enjoy.

This strategy has allowed Happy Family Store to grow and thrive over the last 25+ years while allowing us to fulfill the company’s mission. We expect to follow the same strategy for the next 25 years and invite you to join us on the journey.