Everything we do at Happy Family Store is guided by our overriding mission: enhancing our customers’ health and well-being.

More specifically, we strive to promote and deliver the very latest pharmaceutical and medical solutions, to provide the best possible health results with the highest quality, lowest risk, and affordable prices.

Anyone who’s braved today’s complicated and expensive prescription world knows how important that mission is. Restrictive insurance and government policies, and out-of-control medication costs, have made it almost impossible for patients to obtain the drugs and other medical supplies they need at a reasonable cost — or even to obtain them at all.

Our people and systems at Happy Family Store help clients and medical institutions to break through and obtain the health care necessary to promote, preserve, and improve their lives.

All of our corporate values contribute to the fulfillment of this mission.

  • Comprehensive and caring interactions with patients
  • Understanding client needs and fulfilling them effectively and promptly
  • Commitment to optimal patient outcomes over profit
  • Honest business practices
  • Legitimacy and transparency

The Happy Family Store mission means that customers receive 24/7, knowledgeable, and compassionate service from licensed pharmacists and technicians; the highest-quality brand name and generic medications at the lowest possible cost; and equal access to our services and fast delivery anywhere in the world.

Our staff’s continuing education on the latest pharmaceutical and healthcare breakthroughs also ensures that patients receive the very latest treatments and options for maximizing their health outcomes, and our blog spotlights important breakthroughs that can help them with their care.

At Happy Family Store, we’re driven to provide the very best medications, products, and service for our customers — because that fulfills our mission.