Even the very best medications at the very best prices won’t do much good if you don’t receive them securely, reliably, and promptly.At Happy Family Store, we put as much care into our shipping and delivery processes as everything else we do.

It all starts with preparation and packing of your prescriptions, OTC meds, supplements, and other medical supplies.

  • In most cases (except for new clients or prescriptions), there’s no need to provide a written copy of your prescription.
  • Our systems are designed to transmit your order directly to our warehouse virtually immediately after your submission.
  • After a final quality check, your medications are packed in ordinary envelopes that have no indication of what they contain, ensuring that delivery personnel and neighbors have no idea what’s inside.
  • No personal information is visible on the envelopes; only your name and address are on the labels.
  • Every possible effort is made to ship your prescriptions the same day they are filled.
  • You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information.

From there, shipments are picked up by our trusted delivery partners. Needless to say, we have no control over their operations, but we only work with agencies and courier services that have an impeccable reputation for careful and prompt delivery and spotless customer service. We track shipments from our end as well, to make sure they proceed and arrive in a timely fashion.

Our support team is always available for inquiries about deliveries and delays. Some prices, terms, and delivery methods may change depending on country of order origination.

Our two guiding principles for Happy Family Store deliveries remain firm:

  1. All shipments arrive in perfect condition.
  2. All shipments are delivered within the promised timeframe.

The care we take in shipping and delivery is just one more reason Happy Family Store remains the world leader in online pharmaceutical services.